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Sunday, December 02, 2007

[Feastday at the Church of St Francis Xavier]
1. My family attended the Feastday Mass at SFX this morning. It was celebrated by Archbishop Nicholas Chia followed by makan. Before the service, I walked around the church to see the facilities. It was fortunate that the Church bought enough land at Serangoon Gardens many years ago.

2. I've known the parish priest, Father Anthony Ho, from way back. When I was studying in primary school at St Stephen's in 1965-66, he was a young priest at OLPS, sporting a small goatee, who came over to teach cathechism and say mass. Many years later, he became my parish priest at Holy Family. At Easter in 1997, he admitted by wife,her parents and her sister's family into the Catholic Church. His father who lived to a ripe old age died a few days ago. He had two sons, both of whom became priests. May he rest in peace.

3. Serangoon Gardens is an old estate which has become very middle class with good eating places known islandwide. Those who leave continue to treasure memories of their time there coming back often to visit friends and patronize their favourite hawker stalls. When my wife and I attended the funeral wake of Father Ho's father two nights ago, the circus with the Christmas trees all lighted up looked like a fairyland.

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