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Saturday, August 02, 2008

[Interaction with SP Students]
Getting Singapore Poly students in retail management to do actual field work at Hougang Central was an interesting idea. The shop committee under Philip Wee facilitated meetings and surveys. At Friday's presentation, some practical ideas were suggested. In my response, I said that we had been cracking our heads to attract more business to Hougang Central after the NE Line MRT station there was opened.

We then had an open dialogue session. One by one, with great enthusiasm, SP students asked questions ranging from party politics to organ donation. One asked what it meant to be Singaporean. Another expressed concern that the fourth university would be second-rate. Time passed by quickly and, before I knew it, it was last question at 4.30pm. But I was happy to oblige one more when a girl jumped up and down to catch my attention. Since there were many students who still had their hands up, I invited them to communicate with me either through the two blogsites or my Facebook account.

I had not been to SP for many years and was happy to be back. There are such wonderful facilities now. When I left, I remarked to my security officer how fortunate our kids are nowadays.

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