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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

[Appreciating art]
Over the weekend, I went on a short tour of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) at Robertson Quay.

Famed Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie's works on Nanjing were displayed there. I am supposed to write a paper on his works for my art assignment and it will be a reflective piece on suicide.

Several famous artists including the likes of Russel Wong and Chua Ek Kay have had artist residencies at STPI. And the print facilities available there have assisted these artists in developing prints in carious forms (i.e. lithographic prints, silkscreen prints). I must say I was pretty impressed by the machines they have there and their capablities. After all, the whole facility cost some 30 million dollars.

I liked the conceptual pieces the best. There's one of a skeleton stuck in a bell with a loudhailer shouting. It seemed to me a social commentary about the insulation of ideas and thoughts. Provocative is how I would describe it.


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