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Monday, September 01, 2008

[Hougang Central National Day Carnival and Town Day]
Saturday's carnival attracted quite a large crowd. Luckily, the rain stopped in time or it would have been a washout. By evening, it was nice and cool. For the opening, Yuying, Damai and Montfort Schools put on impressive performances. Schoolkids nowadays have such wonderful opportunities. We also had a few major sponsors which enabled carnival coupons to be given free to poorer families.

Quek Bak Siang and his merry men and women did a great job organising the activities. Must have been a lot of work and stress. I took the opportunity to visit Hougang Mall and the surrounding shops. In recent years, Hougang Central has become much livelier, a growing hub in the Northeast corridor. Hougang Mall has gone upmarket.

For dinner, I had nasi lemak, otak otak, meat and vegetarian satay, a delicious Frankfurter (cooked by Steve and Althea from Youth Empire) and a cool cup of honey drink.

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