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Thursday, September 04, 2008

[South Beach gears up]
If anything is developing, it must be at South Beach Development. Work has been smooth and ongoing at this site.

There is Felice Varini's work point of view in orange paint - orange is one of my favourite colours.

Paolo W. Tamburella's opening work using soap bars is taking shape. He's from Italy and he dropped by my school to give a talk on his artworks for my Art class. He also shared several insights about being an artist. He's a tough guy if you know his background.

One of my favourite Singapore artist is Joshua Yang. His work is about a single line that does not cross each other. In fact, this would be the second work of his that I am experiencing. I first saw his works during Singapore Management University's arts festival last year.

Don't forget to take a look at Leonid Tishkov's moon. There will be several photos exhibited together with the actual moon. Can you spot the moon?

Last but not least is a real life helicopter. I hear it can really fly!

Although this helicopter seems like fun, there is deep political meaning inside this Vietnamese work.

South Beach Development, located opposite Raffles Hotel, will be the venue for the opening night of Singapore Biennale 2008 on 9 September.


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