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Saturday, October 04, 2008

[Day and night at the Singapore Flyer]
The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix has finally come to an end. And I am having withdrawal symptoms and miss my lines. "Race control, this is Start Line" was my most used phrase during the four days of F1 last week.

I was stationed here - in between the pit building and the grandstand - for my F1 duties.

Putting that memorable feat aside, I am back to Singapore Biennale 2008.

This time my focus is shifted to the Singapore Flyer. I chose to visit during the "in between" time - 6.30pm to be exact. This is because I want to see how the Singapore Flyer shifts gear and transits from day to night. I wanted to show different elements in the transition from day to night on the Singapore Flyer all in one trip.

And so, in line with the theme of Wonder, you wonder why I choose to do so. But it was fun nonetheless.

That is the capsule. The day version seems to be cold (blue) and the night one seems hot (red). It sort of reflects my mood that I went through at the ticketing counter - cold to hot. Apparently, the printer had a ticket error which made me wait for ten minutes. In the end, I went to queue at another counter downstairs instead.

Then there's Suntec City and the Marina shopping belt too as the world turns and it gets dark. Actually it is how the whole of Singapore transits from day to night too. One can also see the ongoing developments for the future.

This is in line with the social commentary on Singapore by spell#7 and Evan Tan. Titled Sky Duet, this audio work for Singapore Biennale 2008 is a dialogue between a girl and an old man. The sound effects are solid. Plus, you get a discount to the Singapore Flyer with your Singapore Biennale 2008 ticket.

Singapore Biennale 2008 ticket holders can visit and check out Sky Duet - S$21 per adult ticket, S$20.65 per child or student ticket (Child above 3 years old or student with student pass) and S$23.60 per senior citizen (With senior citizen pass).


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