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Saturday, October 04, 2008

[Escape from school]
Yesterday was our last day at school. Well it is the term break next week. So time to chill.

For our weekly outing we visited 8Q sam. The name is as such because it is located at 8 Queen Street. 8Q sam is the new wing of the Singapore Art Museum.

This was a school in the past (Catholic High Primary School) and one of the first exhibitions since it opened some months back is 8Q-rate. The theme for the exhibition is on "School" and the earlier work with the graffiti art is by Jahan Loh. There are also a series of bright paintings in the gallery.

The other work that I like is from :phunkstudio. It has a chalkboard exterior which you can scribble stuff -think your primary school days.

And inside is a classroom that is all white.

Two other works that were not part of 8Q-rate caught my eye. There's this work which I believe narrates frustration - a pair of boxing gloves and a long line of text.

And another called "In God We Trust" by Filipino artists Alfredo Juan and Maria Isabel Aquilizan. I heard this work cost a bomb and this is the first time it is being exhibited.

Another busy week ahead - I have been invited to a fashion show and many art exhibitions (which I do not have time to attend). I have a movie review to do as well (it is great to watch movies way before everyone else). And two research papers to do.


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