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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

[Jellyfish in the Persian Gulf]
Arriving in Bahrain early on Monday morning, I decided to go for a swim instead of sleeping before lunch. Sleeping would have made adjusting to the jet lag much harder. I also like swimming in the sea when I can. Before entering the water, I asked the hotel manager whether it was safe to swim? Sharks? Jellyfish? He assured me it was safe. Definitely no sharks. But as there was no one else in the water, I thought I should stay close to shore. After 5 minutes, I noticed a soft white mass a few meters in front of me. Squinting my eyes through the goggles, I thought it was a roll of toilet paper. However, looking further ahead, I could see three more such white balls. Deciding that they might be jellyfish, I hurriedly swam towards the shore. My security officer thought they were jellyfish. As the other part of the cove seemed clear, I swam there instead, feeling just a little nervous. After a short while, I decided to get out of the sea and used the swimming pool instead. Later, returning to the beach, I saw two white jellyfish washed up on the sand. The houseboy said the white jellyfish were harmless, just watch out for the brown ones. Somewhat assured, I went in again and swam a few more minutes. At least I can now say that I've swum in the Persian Gulf.

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