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Monday, August 19, 2002

okay... tomorrow is THE DAY..... let's rewind to two years ago.... and relive the memories of The Singapore Story...
this poem was written on the bus on my way to school in 1999 after observing people on the roads when i was on bus 74.....
it's quite a rhythmic piece... hope you ppl out there will like it... sorry for the strong singlish influence....

anyway... here goes....

The Singapore Story
People look at Singapore,
And they all say, very good 'hor'.
And they that we're so rich and strong.
But I believe they are absolutely wrong,
We are like a pack of cards
One here, one there, all not in touch
Look at the way we speak,
Just like little pigs,
Grunt and snort,
Never thinking before we talk.

People say: "With courtesy, begin the day."
But the situation is definitely not that way.
They also say: "Make kindness our way of life."
But with our kind of "kindness" we will surely die.
At the bus-stop people flag for the bus,
But the driver says: "Can't stop, sorry, in a rush!"
Then, should a bus stop for people to get on,
Pushing and shoving become the norm.

When we buy things we're supposed to queue,
Yet queue cutting people add up to quite a few.

When on the MRT, many pretend to sleep
They see not the pregnant woman
So they don't give up their seats

Mothers used to say: "I scolded my son."
Now children say: "I scold my mother one!"

Orchard Road used to be where the refined men roamed.
Now many years on,
The refined people are all gone.
Suddenly the Ah Bengs begin to appear,
Making their presence felt, instilling fear.

When we look at the cars on the roads,
We see them rushing and squeezing
Just to get ahead.
Don't they know they can end up dead?

Then someday someone will ask:
"Is this the way we behave?"
And we say: "Yes, this is the case!"
So we'd better learn to change our ways.
A new campaign is started
So that we can make Singapore a better place!

hope you liked it..... stay tune... i'll be back a.s.a.p....


Sunday, August 18, 2002

okay... i have finally decided to start posting today...... huh~~ it's has really been a tiring day cos i attended the Ambassador's Exchange with SPARC from 6pm yesterday to 6am today...... It's finally time to go for my army next week.... In the meantime, just have to finish my outstanding work before i go in....