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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Disruption Test Week.... the aftermath....

finished the last week... here's a brief schedule...
Monday- ET Run
Tuesday- SOC and FD
Wednesday- Swim
Thursday- IPPT Disruption Test
Friday- SOC and CO Parade
Saturday- Route March

during the CO Parade, Ltc. Lim Meng Kiaw talked about choices and attitudes... he illustrated his point by telling the story of a builder and a businessman...

there was once a businessman who asked his faithful builder to build a house... it was the builder's last house and he was gonna retire after building it.. though given the best materials, he did not put in full effort and the house looked grand but the workmanship was shoddy.... after the house was completed, the businessman presented the key of the house to the builder... the builder thought to himself "Why didn't i do it well?"

Moral of the story: what you do today affects tomorrow.... It is your attitude and effort that determines how the final outcome turns out to be.... therefore, try your best in everything...

chew on it!


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