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Sunday, October 06, 2002

rested enuff..... can't seem to understand why it's so difficult to get a billard table on saturday night in orchard..... went from cuppage mechmaster to far east shopping centre and finally to potblack at HRC..... slept at 4am last night and woke up at 4pm today.... super tired.... so i'm back now after a shower..... gonna book in later... so sianz.......

had a meeting to discuss my future assignments..... all personal interviews and not much event coverages (i write better for personal interviews than events)..... hope i'll be able to contribute for NextStoP too amidst my hectic army schedule...... heard that there's this new webcast thing that sp is developing..... just like an mtv online... cool sia..... hope to try that coz i like to be a vj, holding a mic and all! just super shiok man.....

work on the january issue of fullStoP has arrived at the planning stage..... looks interesting man..... *ciao*


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