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Sunday, November 03, 2002

seems like this few day i've been having good food.... rewards for enduring so much durin field camp......

went to marche's after book out on fri nite..... den went to ocs and sdc on sat morning. following that, went to school to do an interview and had lunch at cementi hawker centre with my fren benson..... the western meal chicken with cheese is delicious.... dinner was bak kut teh at alexandra hawker centre after going to queensway to look for a pair of shoes but couldn't find my size... headed to indoor stadium to look at the flea market.... soccer shoes there are cool and cheap.... ($59 only!)

woke up slightly after 11 today... took a shower and went to oaks grill at tanglin mall for lunch.... had a vongole set meal.... all the mussles made my mouth water! after that, rushed to sph for an interview by shin min daily news (was a last minute thing) so had to delay the meeting with my fren at ubar.... interview ended at 5 and i headed to ubar straight after that.... had spaghetti bolognese and a little bit of potato and ham with my fave drink dr z...... took a walk down orchard and boarded the bus to raffles city.... walked thru citylink mall and went to suntec where i had a cup cappuccino..... and now back home to finish my nyaa story.... hope i get the inspiration to write well......


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