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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

[enlistment at tekong]
helped out for enlistment todae at tekong.... really reminds me of my enlistment five months ago.... looking at the recruits going 'left, right, left, right' really reminds me of how much i have been through all these months.... it's all over... but recourse is starting at delta tomorrow...... i'm now at foxtrot platoon 1..... the rest of us will move to delta tomorrow..... i just ooc todae..... hahaha....

what's my future? i still don't know until i go to manpower to check out tomorrow...... maybe going to log branch again....
it's okay at log branch and honestly for the past one month there i have learnt a lot of things... i even carried the gpmg! let's see where i'll get posted to.... in the meantime, i'll have to see the physiotherapist for treatment....

the concept for NextStoP is quite cool.... simple and minimalistic... clean concept... the cover depicts three students in action.... and the pic is taken in a very artistic way.. from the bottom up.... it seems that the pic is tilted 45 degrees to the right.... interesting huh?

*really excited about the photo shoot on fridae*


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