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Sunday, January 19, 2003

[zonked out at zouk]
wednesdays are not only half days but also full nights. at zouk, it's what they call mambo night or simply putting it "cheong till next morning".

The night begins as early as 9pm and by 10, queues are seen snaking out this once long ago warehouse at jiak kim street. it's a familiar sight and as many as a few hundred people gather outside, waiting for friends, chatting on the phone or just lazing around.

entering the doors, you get into a place they term 'wonderland'. and yes, it definitely looks like one wonderland, especially if you are drunk. then you get to see lights spinning around like wonderland. the music is blasting, uv lights are everywhere and there are people closely beside you. so you take out your drink coupon, make your way to the bar counter blurt out your desired drink and watch the barman in action. he is swift in his every move, and in a few seconds you get your drink presented to you. the drink looks colourful and you take a sip before walking around to look for your chums.

of course, what is fun without the dancing? but then again, you decide not to get down and plunge right onto the dance floor for fear of getting lost. so after much persuasion from the guys, you finally trotter down the steps onto the dance floor. the music is actually great with different variety but a tad too loud. anyway, you're here to enjoy yourself so you revel in the party atmosphere. you then start grooving, hopping and dancing to the beat!

time flies and just before you know it time speeds past you. you decide to save your energy and give your best shot for the night. and there in a matter of hours, the fun has ended. somehow everyone begins to realize that all's well ends well and they make a hasty exit to make sure they manage to grab a cab. remember if you drink don't drive, if you drive don't drink.


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