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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

[memories part 5]
[41] Your friends considered you lucky and rich if your parents gave you $3 or more for pocket money everyday.

[42] During class gatherings, parents always tag along in case someone gets lost at Orchard Road.

[43] You freak out when the teacher tells you to line up according to height and hold hands with the corresponding boy or girl.

[44] Handkerchiefs were a must for both genders

[45] Collecting notebooks and all kinds of stationery was a popular thing.

[46] Autograph books were loaded with "Best Wishes", "Forget Me Not", and small poems like "Bird fly high, hard to catch. Friend like you, hard to forget".

[47] Class monitors and prefects loved to say "You talk somemore, I write your name ah!"

[48] There were at least 40 people in one class.

[49] Large, colourful schoolbags were carried.

[50] You brought every single book to school, even though there was one thing called the timetable.

this is the last of the five-parter series of memories....


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