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Monday, April 21, 2003

[nkf charity show 2003]
the nkf show on sunday night saw more than 35 mediacorp artistes calling out to the public for donations. in a four hour extravaganza, the artistes put together a wide array of items ranging from death defying to light hearted entertainment. the show itself had many firsts. it was the first time that items were performed at an outdoor location and also a first in the ratings department - a total of 6.6m of donations with a whopping 1.2m viewers tuning in, making it the most-watched programme this year!

the highlight of the evening was a nail-biting tightrope walk by Fann Wong, Christopher Lee and Allan Wu. beamed live from Parco Bugis Junction where the stunt took place, the trio walked across a 24 m rope, five storeys above ground. while the audience at home was at the edge of their seats, those watching the event live at the mediacorp tv theatre were filled with oohs and ahhs with the occasional words of encouragement for their favourite artistes.

other items included a light up my life story with artistes Shi Bin, Priscelia Chan and Carole Lin balancing on light bulbs, daredevils Chen Hanwei and Jeff Wang riding bicycles perched in a funnel shaped 15 meters high and Gary Yap, Florence Tan, Qi Yuwu and Calvin Soh in a ball juggling act.

the finale had 28 artistes running up a ramp and attempting to jump onto a swing not more than two metres apart - all working hand in hand to garner more support from the public.

said mediacorp artiste fann wong of her impromptu participation in the finale: "even though i did not rehearse for this, i went for it just to get a few more phone calls from donors."

what you didn't see on tv was a prize presentation after the live telecast complete with the various scene changes during commercial breaks with the stage crew racing against time preparing for the next item. very heart throbbing indeed!


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