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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

[chill out]
Man coming home very tired after work his wife tells him that the shower is not working. Man replies "I am not a plumber. Just call the

Next day
Man coming home very tired. Wife tells him that the cupboard door has broken and needs to be replaced. Man replies "I am not a carpenter. Call the Carpenter"

Third day
Man coming home very tired from work Wife says "honey the work is done. The young boy from the neighbourhood came and did the work for me. He repaired the cupboard door and now the shower is also working."

Man says "Good ... did he charge anything?"

Wife replies "No. He did it on one condition that I either sleep with him for one night OR Bake a nice cake for him"

Man says "well did you bake the cake then?"

Women replies "I am not a baker...."


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