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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

[see how you rate as a friend]
Friends and friendship are discussed a surprising number of times in the bible. You can read about Jesus making us God's friends (Romans), and Jesus calling his disciples friends rather than servants (in John). And you can find the greatest story of friendship of David and Jonathan in the bible (1 Samuel).

Take the friendship quiz...

1. Someone tells you they know something nasty about a friend of yours. Do you:
(a) refuse to listen?
(b) let them tell you, but keep it to yourself?
(c) make sure you get the full story and tell others about it?

2. What attracts you first in a person?
(a) The way they treat others.
(b) The way they treat you.
(c) Their looks.

3. A friend is talking about something on which you have strong feelings. Do you:
(a) wait until they have finished?
(b) interrupt them and say what you think?
(c) refuse to listen?

4. A friend tells you that you look awful in some new clothes you bought. Do you:
(a) take a long hard look at yourself and see if they're right?
(b) tell them you'll look any way you like?
(c) point out a few faults in what they are wearing?

5. You meet someone for the first time. Do you:
(a) expect to make them your best friend?
(b) find out more about them?
(c) show them how clever you are?

6. Some friends tell you they once played a dirty trick on you which you never found out about. They now want to tell you about it. Do you:
(a) forgive and forget?
(b) tell them it's best to clear the air?
(c) get angry before you have heard what they have to say?

How you rate yourself...
Add up the number of (a), (b) and (c).
All (a): You're either not being honest or too good to be true!
Mostly (b): You're got things almost right - you're thoughtful for other people and expect some consideration in return.
Mostly (c): You think about yourself too much - you need to spare some thought for others if you want to make and keep your friends!


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