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Friday, June 06, 2003

[why a retreat is called a retreat]
wonder why a retreat is called a retreat.... does it mean retreat from daily work (sort of escapism) or retreat as in treat yourself again... anyway for whatever reason, retreats are cool....

went for a training retreat conducted by sp at the republic of singapore yatch club yesterday... wow! that place is really heaven man... there were talks conducted by two lecturers, dennis sale and victor joe, and veteran journalist ravi veloo.... through these talks i found out many little little details about the media industry relating to print, web and broadcast news....

of course, it was also fun having fellow fullStoP reporters around to talk to as well as joke and have a meal together.... and we even took lotsa group photos man! there was one with a cute dog too!!

if only time could just stop at that day and leave me there at the yatch club without worries leading a carefree life....

anyway here's three cheers to fullStoP's first anniversary! a big bash is coming right up!


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