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Thursday, October 30, 2003

[graduation from oeti]
graduated from oeti today.... eight months... passed so fast.... it was like in heaven.... great food, friends, fun, opportunities..... my new unit is 39SCE..... those who are there please take care of me.... haha.... it's at seletar by the way....

Sunday, October 26, 2003

10 things you would wanna know about friendster and me:

1> i joined for 8 days liao... was a member on the 19th of october
2> the testimonials so far are all from my bmt mates....
3> i have got 40 friends to date....
4> one of the gals among the 40 friends is the one i like...
5> i spent the whole of last night writing testimonials for people...
6> i joined friendster after three guys asked me to join... aaron, huei tai and leonard...
7> when i first logged in, five friends had already added me...
8> my brother is among the 40 friends listed... go figure...
9> don't believe what you see... andy is not andy lau, though he looks like he is...
10> someone really resembles wang lee hom.... go check it out!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

[infernal affairs]
great plot.... who would have thought of a story of planting a mole in the police force and plating a mole in the traid..... really worth watching man.... though the ending was quite an unexpeceted twist.... you really have to watch the show to know.... a few questions to ponder on... maybe we'll have to wait for the sequel..... but i'll definitely watch the prequel....

Friday, October 24, 2003

[does money make the world go round]
Recently I overheard a conversation in my camp locker room. And no, I wasn’t being nosy. There was this guy who lost his wallet and on the same day within five hours, the wallet was returned to him. He found it in the letterbox. Apparently the person who returned the wallet was very efficient. Here's the twist. The wallet was returned but the person who returned it wasn’t too honest. Like you guessed, the money that was in the wallet was gone.

So much said of that particular person. But the point I am driving across is not against that person. What I am trying to understand is why money is so important. And does money really make the world go round?

According to a survey I read somewhere, Singaporeans are ranked high up the scale of making money.

Is the world like that? Do we study for a degree just to get a job that pays tons? Or do we study because we are interested in the subject matter?

These days, a lot of emphasis is placed on money making. You love to sing. You have a good voice. And you approach a record company. But, sad to say, you get rejected. And it’s not because you can’t sing but ironically it is because you can’t sell.

I know that money is sufficient for survival. But is it everyone’s dream to strike it rich? Most of my friends do bet a little here and there in soccer. And no, I’m not saying that it is wrong. Although it is tempting to go bet on goals I don’t get hooked and I won’t. Why? Because I have seen and read many cases of people going bankrupt because of their compulsive gambling behaviour. And knowing that it harms, I would not even start.

That leads me to another point. Well, if I have all the money in the world, would I be happy? Perhaps I would be partying all my life enjoying my days in a large villa and just sit at home to relax. But no, it’s not challenging at all.

For me, I try to find my happiness in other things. Maybe a stroll down the park with that someone special. Or just watch a movie. It costs a little. But it’s the little things that make me happy. Not a whole wad of notes.

Monday, October 20, 2003

[never leave home without]
two of the things i'll never leave home without... quiksilver keychain with keys which my best friend also has.... and handphone for calling home.... yeah right! and of course money..... simplicity.....

Friday, October 17, 2003

[this is home]
have been resting at home for the past two days..... doctor gave me two days of mc.... haha..... work has been completed except for the annual report article.... had a discussion with my editor and two other reporters about NextStoP.... and would probably be doing a story on the movie 'after school' and an exclusive interview with steph song and paerin choa.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

[always come back to your love]
I've been up and down
We're going round and round
I've been all over town
But I'll never ever find somebody new for sure

Show me where I belong tonight
Give me a reason to stay
No matter if I go left or right
I always come back to your love

I've been high and low
I don't know where to go
Because I love you so
And I'll never ever find someone like you for sure

No matter if I go left or right
I always come back to your love

Sunday, October 12, 2003

[stressful week gone]
what a stressful week it has been.... been working seven days a week non-stop for the past two weeks... wanted to push myself to the limit.... tiring sia! all day in camp from monday to saturday.... shot a video on saturday after camp.... guard duty on sunday... then camp from monday to saturday again..... went to chill out at this cafe at millenia walk yesterday.... nice waffles they have.... can't seem to find the kindof waffles that are as good as A&W anymore..... anyway, slept till 11 plus today then went to seletar for lunch just now.... wanted to go to the jap restaurant near fann wong's place but it turned out otherwise.... watched the sum of all fears at my grandparents place... went shopping at amk ntuc.... and now i am back home!!!!

time to go rest again.... not many projects to handle.... just need to help out for NextStoP and do a few more articles.... and perhaps go for the new year's eve party at SP.... now, we'll see how that goes.....

Saturday, October 11, 2003

[rays of hope]
no matter how dark the world is, there's still space for rays of hope..... so let's not act as if the world has come to an end.... there's still room for hope..... sit back, relax and enjoy....

Thursday, October 09, 2003

[blasting music]
when ephraim is upset he would usually think of the things that make him happy...

this was in the papers last year... shin min daily.... can you spot me??

Monday, October 06, 2003

sometimes, life can be a torture.... in life, when you have no choice you complain and then you sulk... and when you have a choice, there are so many options to consider that you suddenly go crazy.... haha... such is the life we get....

Saturday, October 04, 2003

[sib-wing rivalry]
oeti's annual cross country ended with a blast this morning at pasir ris park. an event not to be missed as jealousy was in the air.

it was an affair of casual name calling feats between atw and avtw which lead to laughter from onlookers. said cpt sima rai, oc avtw, on atw: "Chicken wing!"

while the race was on-going, atw wsm msg leuis cheered runners by saying:"Those from atw run faster! avtw runners, run slower!"

at the end of the day, when the results were announced, atw won hands down bagging almost 70% of the medals in each category. atw also bagged the challenge trophy this year. much to the delight of oc atw lta simon chua who was beaming while the trophy was presented to him by co ltc kuam swee kim.

avtw bagged the trophy last year.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

had a chat with the editor yesterday.... will be attending a myanmar show this saturday.... and have two more articles on hand.... lotsa interviews to conduct... no contacts yet... let's see how this saturday goes...

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

[kindof fun]
funny thing it seems.... life in oeti has been the time where most opportunities knocked... dabbled in acting, singing and hosting so far... seven months liao.... passed so fast.... anyway, i just got home from the power98 studios... co-hosted with JA just now for the second time.... chatted a lot on and off air... now how's that for being cool....