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Sunday, October 12, 2003

[stressful week gone]
what a stressful week it has been.... been working seven days a week non-stop for the past two weeks... wanted to push myself to the limit.... tiring sia! all day in camp from monday to saturday.... shot a video on saturday after camp.... guard duty on sunday... then camp from monday to saturday again..... went to chill out at this cafe at millenia walk yesterday.... nice waffles they have.... can't seem to find the kindof waffles that are as good as A&W anymore..... anyway, slept till 11 plus today then went to seletar for lunch just now.... wanted to go to the jap restaurant near fann wong's place but it turned out otherwise.... watched the sum of all fears at my grandparents place... went shopping at amk ntuc.... and now i am back home!!!!

time to go rest again.... not many projects to handle.... just need to help out for NextStoP and do a few more articles.... and perhaps go for the new year's eve party at SP.... now, we'll see how that goes.....


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