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Saturday, January 10, 2004

[sai kang party]
there was an out camp run today and everyone booked out last night....

except for me....

yours truly was so proactive and volunteered to be in charge of the water point.... turns out that i have to be in camp at 5am!!! and that's not all.... the rest booked out last night while i booked in!! such a crappy mistake....

okay... now for the positive part.... although i had lesser sleep as i booked in at midnight we kindof got free flow of gardenia buns... i had almost 10 of those and tried every single flavour.....

and while the others were busy running, i was chomping away at the buns... haha....

not too bad lah.... returned to camp around 1130hrs and was the first to leave camp... however, when i was almost home, the rest of the mates were already back..... i'll make a new resolution not to help do sai kang man.... volunteered somemore.... they'd better reward me somehow....

here's a lil message from a camp driver:
orange daisies in a field of a dream
flowers sent for a friend fallen ill
lavenders retured for a gift
their stems hallow come dry and wilt
expressions are just that
intentions rather slack
don't expect them to love you back
don't expect springtime in your sack


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