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Saturday, January 17, 2004

[what a way to spend the saturday]
firstly, saturday was already packed with two assignments.... then, a trip down orchard added to my busy schedule.... and i barely slept well the night before.....

here's what i mean:
wake-up at 8 plus
get a call to be ready to go orchard at 0950
head to grab a cab (i waited for almost an hour!!)
shopped at orchard till 1300
rushed to sp to toss yu sheng at 1400
event dragged on till 1600
rushed home and filed the story on the pda on the way home....
edited the article on my laptop...
rushed out again to meet ben for the mission shoot
ben was late (as usual)...
reached lau pa sat and caught two satay stalls in action....
assignment ended at 2200
took mrt home
slept at 0200....


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