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Saturday, February 07, 2004

did you ever encounter cases when even before you write articles people ask them to email you the article? cause a lot of people have asked me for my articles.....

then they will give me their namecard and i will give them mine... and after sending them my article, they will thank me.... haha....

point is now i don't have a namecard... but still there are people giving me their namecards asking me to email them my articles... now how cool is that??

just see below...

Hi Ephraim,
Thanks for your help. Will look forward to a favorable reply from you. Have a good day.
Best Regards,
Cindy Foo
Marketing Assistant

Thanks Ephraim.
I hope you did have a good time on that day too.
Community Resource Dept
Community Chest

hey thanks aLot man.. interesting articLe there..

Just got the photos late. These are from Sat only. Sun's will reach us later.
Meanwhile, am enclosing 2 shots of SP's 2nd place winning team from Sat's launch.
All the best on the SP newsletter.


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