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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

[the cobra strikes]
baby cobra was enjoying his suntan when spotted by drivers chee sim and zheng whye.... and as usual, it's always me, having failed to catch the tree snake during it's appearance, vowed to catch the baby cobra this time...

swiftly, another driver wong grabbed the broom and dust pan and in a matter of minutes, the slithery creature was in dustpan in my hands!!!

then from the dustpan, we transferred the snake to a white pail... and the next thing we knew, it was the talk of the town... people gathered, people screamed, people peeped at the slithery snake...

and after the exibition ended, it was sent to the guard room to exile... and did i mention that we named the snake jonathan... haha...

what an eventful first day as 3SG... i even have an army email account now!!!


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