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Sunday, May 09, 2004

[a splashing good time]
caught van helsing today... actually, i wasn't prepared to watch it... just an impromptu act when tiger asked me to go catch it with him....

anyway... no regrets man.... kudos to the storyline that blends in all the characters... and cool cinematography complete with the special effects... plus, it was a splashing time at bugis too!!

then we were off to holland village for dinner.... and then to wala-wala to chill out with kelvin... must say that the live band was pretty impressive... and they got members of the audience to strut their stuff on stage... haha... two guys were even invited to strip for the cheering audience!! no prizes for guessing whether they eventually did the full monty or not....

when the clock struck 11 we left wala-wala and headed to borders and then to starbucks for a dose of coffee.... kindof happening...


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