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Friday, August 06, 2004

[letter to 8 days]
i sent a letter to 8 days this week just to test test and see if it'll be published...

this is what i wrote:

Dear 8 days,

Every year during August, i would not only look forward to the National Day Parade, but also wait in anticipation for your Special National Day back-to-back edition with i-weekly. Not only does it provide me colourful photos and writeups with what to expect at this year's parade, it also features lovely celebs at picturesque locations. The wonderful Singaporean theme together with the blend of red and white colours used in the special edition really brings out the mood every national day. It just makes me feel so Singaporean when I mull over the glossy pages! Thanks for adding colour to our nation's birthday! I'll look forward to next year's issue. Keep up the good work once again.

Your avid national day fan,
Ephraim Loy


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