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Thursday, September 23, 2004

[1900 112 7576]
call that number to vote for me for the 39sce star awards today... haha.. kidding...

i'm getting crappy again... well, anyway....

just like the unveiling ceremony of the star awards i got my 4d number today... 7576... it's not actually the number to call to vote for me but it is actually my army half marathon running tag number!!!

first time in my ns life that i am going for a marathon run.... 21 click leh!!! and today, down at my hq block, we were assigned our numbers... and i got to choose mine as my name was not on the list... and so i took 7576.... maybe can go buy 4d... actually, jeremy's one is nicer - 7575!!!

someone even commented that i should have taken the tag that has 5566 on it... haha.... get the picture? people will be shouting: "look! that's 5566 running past us!!"

too bad, there are no girls i say....

here are the winners for my mock 39sce star awards:

best actor - s**** c***g
best supporting actor - k**** t*n
best actress - el****
best supporting actress - r**n le***
best newcomer - d****n* li*
best host - d***d c**y
best director - xu zhenwei
best script - robin chang
best cinematography - ephraim loy
best variety programme - hq oc evening@mph
most watched tv programme - b oc evening@wild wild wet
best drama serial - the adventures of tay weiliang
special achievement award - l** s**e s***g


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