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Friday, September 24, 2004

hmmm... wonder why? let me tell you...

there is this cbrdcc officer who mistook diesel for petrol and pumped it into the tank of the pet... amazingly, he unknowingly did that even after being told that the pet runs on petrol!!! is p-e-t-r-o-l so difficult to differentiate from d-i-e-s-e-l??

my task is to find the root cause of the problem now... was it that the officer was negligient? he didin't bother to check? just assumed that it was petrol?

was it that no one was there to supervise? did the instructor emphasise clearly? or did he not follow the lesson plan?

as if that was not enough, the following week a 3sg made the same mistake.... he poured diesel into the petrol engine of the dss!!! imagine what would have happened if the engine was started? an explosion? a death? an injury?

best of all, they managed to cover it all up... but too bad i found out!!!

now... who will go onto the chopping board? our co? (think the commando dunking incident)

i remember in one of co's email... he mentioned that he would punish any commander or man who failed to take responsibility of his equipment...

like in the recent case of the missing bayonet in the armskote... co placed a great emphasis on damaged equipment and missing equipment.... and just like what is in the specialist creed... a specialist of the saf must not only excel in his specialist field but also must take care of his equipment and his men...

what more an officer...

guess what co will do when he hears about it? i think he will freak out!!! we shall see....


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