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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

[sports bash]
finally the meetings and recee and days of hard work and preparation has paid off.... the 39sce battalion spots meet 2004 was an astounding success for all present....

one of the very new features about my hosting stints is the 'live' broadcast thingy... super cool i must tell you... this feature allowed my fellow host, robin, to get really close to the action at the courts and enabled him to feed 'live' audio streamed back to me at the dj console.... ingenious i'd say...

and finally, there were no major hiccups yesterday unlike during the oc evening... one more big show to go before i ord... that will be the unit anniversary in november where i will also reveal a new talent who is three times better than me at hosting... watch out guys!!!

no photos of the event, however, here's a small little treat of the event....


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