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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

at the psb academy wits leader course at the hdb hub at toa payoh today, i learnt about Ned Herrmann’s research.... kindof interesting...

as you know, not everyone is the same.... so Ned Herrman came up with this whole brain model that combines Roger Sperry's left/right brain theory and Paul MacLean's triune model (rational brain, intermediate brain and primitive brain) to produce a quadrant model of the brain. the quadrants are:

Left Cerebral (upper left): the Theorists
These are people who like lectures, facts, and details, critical thinking, textbooks and readings, etc. The brain dominance for theorists is the upper left (cerebral) and they are logical, analytical, quantitative and fact-based..

Left Limbic (lower left): the Organizers
These are people who prefer to learn by outlining, checklists, exercises and problem solving with steps, policies and procedures. People with these preferences have lower left (limbic) brain dominance and they are organised, sequential, planned and detailed...

Right Limbic (lower right): the Humanitarians
Prefer cooperative learning and group discussion, role-playing, and dramatization. Their brain preference is lower right (limbic) and they are emotional, interpersonal, kineathetic and feeling-based...

Right Cerebral (upper right): the Innovators
Innovators prefer brainstorming, metaphors, illustrations and pictures, mind mapping and synthesis, and holistic approaches. The brain dominance for innovators is upper right (cerebral) and they are holistic, see the big picture, intuitive and intergrative...

fact is, i have and will soon be going for more upgrading courses as my ord date approaches... and i will not just stay at home and slack.... so far, there are two more courses coming up... first one is an economics course by ntu and another team communication course by np...

just some of the benefits that the saf offers.... well, a chance at upgrading... why not?


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