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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

[one last dance]
the news revealed more about the movie one last dance today... and filming will be wrapping up in a few days time according to a source...

the article titled New MediaCorp Raintree picture with international cast hopes to debut in Cannes can also be found on the channel news asia website...

It is a genre that is becoming increasingly popular - the stylised Eastern gangster movie with audiences in both the East and West lapping it up.

And now, with the best actors from the East and West, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures is producing one such movie - a twist-filled, genre-bending production called "One Last Dance" with a surprise ending shot entirely in Singapore.

Daniel Yun, CEO, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, said: "Is it a romantic comedy? Is it a love story? But, it's actually an action film. And it's the whole idea of someone committed to something and suddenly he sees the potential for romance but he is so caught up with his life of contract killing, revenge and then the music starts and he thinks this is his chance to ask the girl for One Last Dance."

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng of Infernal Affairs 2 fame plays the jaded contract killer and Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu his love interest.

Playing a cameo role, 8 minutes onscreen as an Italian mafioso, is Hollywood veteran Harvey Keitel.

A well known face in Western gangster movies, Keitel has appeared in early Martin Scorcese movies and more recently in Quentin Tarantino hits like Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

He is hoping to cross over to the East.

Keitel said: "I had heard of Raintree before. When 'One Last Dance' came to me, it seemed to be that someone was knocking on my door as I was looking at the door where the knock was emanating from. And so I am here and I have great hopes that I'm going to return to Asia with a few more films to be made with Raintree and Daniel Yun."

Raintree Pictures had picked up the script through contacts at film markets and decided that perhaps Singapore could be the location for the shoots.

After all Hong Kong's streets are too familiar and Los Angeles', too expensive.

The 40-plus locations the production team came up with, including a bridge in the Fullerton area, might just surprise many viewers familiar with Singapore.

The Media Development Authority is co-funding the $2.5 million picture with Raintree and other international partners with the Singapore Tourism Board also pumping money in.

With an international cast, a Brazilian director, Cantonese dialogue and Hollywood cameos, the film still manages to speak in one voice.

Film-makers hope to get the project ready for the Cannes Festival in the second quarter of next year. - CNA


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