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Thursday, March 24, 2005

[a life of hope exclusive]
Starring Chen Hanwei, Tay Ping Hui, Joanne Peh, Laura Fang, Julian Hee and Elvin Ng this story revolves Lin Xiuming (Laura Fang), a bubbly nurse who brings joy and laughter to the patients under her care at a NKF dialysis centre. It is commissioned by NKF so I hope you get the drift now.

Though her own life journey is full of pain and little hope she still manages to pull through defying the odds and goes on living (pun fully intended).

Her husband Pan Zhihao (played by Chen Hanwei) meets with a car accident one day and lies in hospital in a coma.

Seven years later when Zhihao awakes he finds that his wife has already gotten married to her good friend, Su Dongping (played by Tay Ping Hui). Dongping even takes his daughter Yuanyuan as his own.

A furious and crafty Zhihao then starts to plot his revenge which culminates into a final showdown where he attacks and even tries to push Dongping off a building.

Unlike other serious drama serials this one is pretty decent with a good plot that has subtle health messages woven in creatively thanks to the story writer.

With supporting up and coming actors like Joanne Peh, Julian Hee and Elvin Ng you'd expect to have lots of eye-candy opportunities throughout the show too.

Throw in an excellent crew and you have got a show filmed mostly in the heartlands - a tug at heartstings perhaps? Someone please call 1900 112 6868.


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