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Thursday, April 14, 2005

[casino in singapore]
the rest say YES... and so do i... why?

in a channel news asia report last night...

A survey shows that more than half of Singaporeans gamble, but only two in 100 are at risk of gambling addiction and only a small minority (2.1%) of them reported symptoms suggesting probable pathological gambling and are at risk of being addicted to gambling.

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) says that although only a small minority may be at risk of being addicted to gambling, more can be done to address the problem.

It says government measures to tackle gambling problems will be announced in Parliament next week.

MCYS Minister, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, said: "Gambling is not something new, something novel, something unusual in Singapore. A large number of people already embark on it but are well able to control themselves. What this shows is that for that small minority who are at risk, we need to identify them. This is something we need to do, with or without the casino."

in another channel news asia report....

A sociologist said he hoped whatever the case, social programmes will be put in place to deal with the problems of gambling addiction.

Associate Professor Ngiam Tee Leng, Department of Social Work and Psychology at the National University of Singapore, said: "I think from all the hints given, that it is 'yes'. The decision is obviously a very painful one that that Cabinet had to make."

and finally in the new paper....

In five days' time, the Government will reveal its biggest policy decision since the start of the millennium.

Bigger than granting a five-day week, equal medical benefits for civil servants, or the cutting of classroom sizes.

Bigger than reversing the bans on bar-top dancing and Sex And The City.

I daresay it's an even bigger decision than allowing a Speakers' Corner in 2000.

Yup, I'm referring to the much-talked-about casino. And my guess is that it will get the green light in Parliament come Monday.

so it is now no more casiNO... what do you think? my guess is that the casino will be built in the marina area as past reports in the papers hint...

and while the strong views against it in a petition of some 30,000 signatures, we will only know how much of that was taken into consideration on April 18 when the final decision is made known...

Source: CNA and The New Paper


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