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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

[who says singaporeans are not racist]
in the sunday times last week, there was a report on a psc scholar who was under fire for his racist blog entries... so what did he actually write? here's the exclusive that the paper didn't publish...

the guy in question is chua cheng zhan also known as cz in his post below... here's what he wrote:

cz is racist again. if u cannot tolerate my racist remarks, do not read.
pre-amble: i hate all ah bu nehs nehs and ba boo singhs. unless u are H-O-T-T and cute~

Urgent: Mira and Constituional Forefathers
I request that a list of all the people who are running for each positions are released to the general voting populous so that we have ideas on who we want in each position to form the best team for the job. Moreover I request that we have one more Exec board meeting before the end of their term in office. At this meeting I would like to propose constitutional amendments. This meeting can be done at any time before the election and I really hope we can see this thru as soon as possible.

Vivek Kumar

Urgent: please return to the river ganges.
Dear Vivek,
you're an utter pain in the arse.
i request that you ugly species vacate this planet. moreover, since your surface area is so huge yet your brain so small and useless, you are a mere waste of precious resources.

if you sincerely believe that our miraculous miracles is Cleopatra and you are Mark Anthony reigning in the Caesar Forum in Rome, by all means, go forth and propose your "constitutional amendments" to your "populous."

if not, i suggest you smelly goon return to Madras. (oh yah, you aren't even from singapore...and you're running for Singaporean club president~). back in your alleys, you can stink and rot for all you want and be the "forefather" of your own generation of indian bah boo singhs who irritate the hell out of me.

i pray to the god of vishnu that you will be washed into the abyss of the river ganges, where its so dark that even you cannot be seen!

(help...who turned off the lights)

ahhhh~ that was a good break from my thesis.

{ cheng zhan } { 10:53 }

now he had a good laugh and who had the last laugh? i hear you laughing now... i digress...

in the straits times on a saturday two weeks ago, there was a report on racist jokes... and how some people take racism with a pinch of salt in singapore...

however, not all do you know...

this is an account of what happened on the bus to church one sunday:

a chinese lady in her 30s stood up wanting to let a little girl have her seat... also a plump indian lady (in her 80s or so she claims) suddenly went and took the seat...

guess what happened?

the chinese lady got worked up as the seat was given up for the chinese girl and she was spewing vulgarities along the lines of these:

"f**k you indians lah... you fat slops only know how to eat and eat only... the seat is not for your fat ass lah..."

such straightforwardness... she could have tried being a little more polite...

i digress... there are others who are not so racist though...

for example in singapore idol... if singaporeans were racist, not many people would have voted for taufik... yet we see chinese girls rooting for him... and surely it was vice-versa for sly too..

so are singaporeans really racist? you go figure that out yourself... are you racist?

meanwhile, cheng zhan's blog has stopped 'growing' (pun fully intended) into a bigger mountain of mess and racist entries...

he has closed his site and has this to say:
"I am sorry for the remarks I made. They were meant to be inside jokes but were taken out of context. I meant no malice nor harm. Let this be a lesson learnt for me. I sincerely apologize to those hurt by me. At the same time, I thank my friends who have stood by me through all of this."

and yes, this is an ephraim.blogspot.com exclusive report like always... now what does psc say?


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