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Sunday, May 29, 2005

[sporting icons]
have you ever seen our community development, youth and sports minister playing table tennis? no?

Photo credit: www.ephraim.blogspot.com

at the launch of the book documenting 10 of singapore's sporting icons, dr vivian balakrishnan gamely pitted his skills against team singapore athlete tan paey fern.... and he's pretty good at it...

Photo credit: www.ephraim.blogspot.com

and i've got a copy of it and i've finished reading the first interview with bodybuilder simon chua.... perhaps i'll do a review for fullstop?

by the way, i've got a few copies of the book which i will pass to fullstop editor... unless of course he doesn't want them....

hmmm.... if he doesn't want them, i shall pass a few copies to you readers.... how's that? a free book for reading my blog... sounds cool huh? stay tuned...


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