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Thursday, February 09, 2006

[Floats parade]
Okay. I got criticised by Kenny Sia. I shall blog the proper way with proper p-u-n-c-t-u-a-t-i-o-n. Apparently, he is pretty slowed down by the ... that I put after each sentence.

In a bid to improve, I shall mind my Ps and Qs here.

Caught a bit of the floats parade just now. The funny things is this: though the flyer states 7.00pm, floats only started the drivepast at the serangoon area close to 8pm. Perhaps the delay was due to the incessant rain at that time.

One of the many ways to know that floats are just round the corner is to listen to the surroundings. When the floats go by, there is loud music and the sounds of the traffic police scooters (I think they are called outriders). And cheers by residents who stand by the road to catch a glimpse. I heard a rousing applause too.

Because I have a little viral infection on my foot, I limp to the corridor when I hear the commotion and catch the last few floats pass me by. I was just in time to snap a few shots.

The next time you see the procession of these 12 floats would be on chap ngoh meh. They will blaze down the Aljunied and Hougang area. And leading the pack will be our Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo. Plus lots of exciting fringe activities.


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