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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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channel news asia reported yesterday that political watchers predict that, no it's not the date, the next ge will likely be fought upon bread and butter issues...

Some four years later, political watchers say such issues will still form the backbone of the upcoming contest, due by June next year.

then today, the straits times reports that jobs have been a steady figure, if not increasing still..

i shall not speculate if that is an election ploy....

The past years saw numerous initiatives to improve the people's lives and to shore up the economy.

Last June, the ComCare Fund with an annual budget of over S$10 million was set aside to help the needy.

Soon, more measures will be announced as part of Workfare to cast a wider social safety net for the lower income families.

There are also programmes to redesign jobs and re-skill older workers so they can stay employed.

oh gosh... hougang is an area with all of the above... just pray that the over 900 people who applied for ComCare don't flood the cc again the next time round...

the channel news asia report ends with three begging questions - when is the election; what are the electoral boundaries; who are the new candidates?

we'll just have to sit and wait because only one man knows the answer...


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