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Friday, March 17, 2006

[The mail]
University application results will be out soon. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

This is the same kind of feeling you get when you send a mail to someone you like and waits for the person to reply. Day after day, you check the mailbox. Any mail? Your heart beats when you are near home. You peep into the mailbox through the flap. not clear? You gingerly take out the key, turn the lock and alas, it's empty.

Your heart sinks. And then you think that there's still hope. A gleam of it.

"Maybe someone opened the mailbox earlier", you assume. That feeling I totally understand.

But what I can't understand is why some people don't understand simple English. You tell them three times that you have sent out the mail and they still ask the same thing. And then when they don't get the information they want, the ask stupid questions like: "When should I check my letterbox?"

If you want to know how effective Singapore Post is then keep track of the number of days you wait for you letter. Because I really don't know. You want to open your mailbox today? No? Then open tomorrow. Or best still, open it everyday.Come on, the letterbox is yours and not mine. I don't have any right to stop you or tell you when to open it. You do as you deem fit.

Back to university applications. The university told me that letters will be sent out by mid of the month. Perhaps I shall call them and ask them when I should check my letterbox cause I have not received a reply from them.

So I shall ask them: "Shall I check my mailbox today? Or tomorrow?"

And I'd probably piss a lot of people off.

So whether it's a love letter, university application letter, most of us would have experience that kind of feeling. And it makes me so tensed and anxious.

But of course, when you get it, you'd feel exhilarated. Now until then.


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