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Saturday, March 25, 2006

[Talk about fun]
Dialogues are fun without any media. Then, any questions under the sun can be asked. And you can get crafty tongue-in-cheek answers and hilarious ones too.

Of course, I wouldn't reveal here what transpired. Firstly because Minister Yeo wanted the topics that were discussed to be kept confidential - one tip, it was on the topic close to his heart, foreign affairs.

And so, Senior Minister will be dropping by Hougang tomorrow. You see the banners. You see the billboard. And tomorrow, you see the man himself.

Let's hope the questions asked will be relevant and addresses the concerns of Hougang residents. And let's hope there would be no arguements on the ground.

One interesting thing is that many residents have been asking if there are any freebies. Yup, you know, we are Singapore. Got free gifts sure people will flock to your events even if it is just a towel. Many residents (the older folks) have been asking if there's free food. And yes, that will be a common feature at future and present dialogues - there were lots at the George Yeo dialogue.

I wonder what food has got to do with people attending a dialogue. I mean, such dialogues are to find out your concerns and not for you to gorge.

Since Today has reported about more such visits to Hougang, I shall talk about the upcoming visits.

26 March - Dialogue with Foreign Minister George Yeo
2 April - Quiet lunch with Aljunied GRC MPs Yeo Guat Kwang and Dr Ong Seh Hong
7 April - Dialogue with Minister of State for Finance and Transport Mrs Lim Hwee Hua
8 April - Education Minister Tharman visits
9 April - Mayor of NorthEast CDC Zainul Abidin Rasheed visits

There you go. And these have been keeping all staff busy through the weeks.

And that is not inclusive of the twice weekly block visits. But that's another story altogether.


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