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Friday, March 24, 2006

[Warming up]
Yes. So you heard on the news that Senior Minister Goh will be backing Hougang and Potong Pasir. And that's the reason why he'll be visiting us this weekend.

I think it will be pretty interesting. It'll be a dialogue that will and is set to address concerns of Hougang residents.

For one, there'll be food (okay, I hear the residents jumping for joy now). And the invitation card is pretty cool. One of the reasons is because that it was designed by yours truly. No, but it is really cool man - limited copies I tell you.

But that is not all.

Over the next few weeks, there'll be many people visiting Hougang Constituency.

From Members of Parliament, a Minister of State, Ministers and even a mayor, it is gonna be a whirlwind few weeks until the run up to the General Elections. Some dates have even been pushed forward thus suggesting that the elections will be held pretty soon. And of course, the dialogue sessions will end before that.

And because there are so many visits by such special people (you don't get this everyday on no-election periods), there has to be this name plate with their names and positions on it. And everytime I get information that a MP/Mayor/Minister of State/Minister or the Senior Minister visiting, I'll add his or her name to my name plate collection - more details on that name plate collection and visits in my next post.

Then there are publicity materials for the elections to be done. And the man behind the concept and design is yours truly again. Now, why else is my nick in the office Mister Creative? Just kidding.

I won't reveal if it's ready yet. But one thing's for sure - I'm still pretty relaxed and confident that it will be the thing to look out for. It's a personal milestone. I mean, who can and has even done such designs before? The chances are just as slim as being able to vote in the elections.

And that's why I love what I do. I can be writing a media release one day then doing a newsletter the next. Or even designing a poster one day and handling the media another day. Then sometimes I'm hosting an event then being a photographer the next.

Every day is not a bore and the pay's good too. It's great exposure.


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