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Friday, March 17, 2006

[Why no blog]
One of the reasons for the above is that I am very busy these days.

One day I am the emcee for a Minister dialogue and the next I am having fun at Outward Bound Singapore.

And that is part and parcel of work.

Then next week, Senior Minister will pop by my office for another dialogue. And that is just the beginning.

I digress.

Hands up those who watch and vote for your Star Idol, Project Superstar, Campus Superstar, Singapore Idol etc.?

There must be alot of you guys.

The funny thing about Singaporeans is that they rather spend money voting for their favourite idols. Why not vote for someone in the government. That is free. You wont have to pay a single cent. Or is it because you can't vote?

I was thinking, boy, Singaporeans spent almost a whooping 4 million dollars voting for the first Singapore Idol. And voting for your politician to be in power is penny-less! You don't have to pay a cent. But that is if you get to vote.

I remember one of the best questions a very educated person asked at a certain close door dialogue with a Minister in the Hougang ward.

She asked: "Is it because the elections are round the corner that's why you are organising this dialogue session?" She then expressed that she wanted to see future such dialogues. Perhaps she should wait for the next round of elections. Okay, I am kidding.

And so back to dialogues.

There are going to be a few more of such sessions here in Hougang. And I shan't tell you anything more.

But one of the reasons that the Senior Minister is here is because of the elections.

And you will know why when it is announced. For the meantime, keep your fingers crossed till mid-May.


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