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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

[General elections in progress]
The time is now.

And as I am blogging, the support PAP (and yes, PAP stands for the People's Action Party and not peace and prosperity) lorry is blaring downstairs.

But that is not the point. Point is, Mr Miyagi quoted me in Today and mentioned that I am working with the PAP team in Hougang. It can be said this way, but honestly, I am shuffling between the two wards that the WP is contesting in - volunteering in Hougang and supporting officially in Aljunied.

For the last few days, it has been a whrlwind adventure. You bet.

I have been up early everyday since nomination day - helping out in walkabouts, visiting residents with the candidates, attending rallys and observing the whole process. But all done quietly and not in media spotlight - until Today (so corny).

And so because some of you are eager to find out, perhaps I shall document what I have been doing so far.

The prelude to nomination day were the visits by SM Goh to Hougang (he has visitied Hougang more than three times already). And yes, you can see how much the PAP wants to win Hougang residents over.

And for nomination day I was supporting the Aljunied team at the nomination centre in Toa Payoh.

Holding placards, doing the walk-in to the centre with the candidates, waiting for the announcement of contests, rubbing shoulders with WP supporters side by side and seeing poor PM's expression after the PAP was not returned to power.

In Thailand, elections come with protests, overturning of cars, fire, unruly mobs, shouts and shrieks but compare that to Singapore elections it is a totally different ballgame altogether.

In Singapore, elections are suppressed events. You see smiley faces, friendly handshakes, a few flags here and there - all in an orderly manner. Perhaps that is why Singapore is a First World country (yes MM, I agree) and look where Thailand is.

But all this effort put in is fun, exciting but really tiring too. The last few days I have been getting up early in the morning and ending very late at night. But heck, only two days more. And besides, I am young - can tahan lah.

What's most interesting was backstage at the rally in Hougang attended by SM, FM, MOS Zainul and MOS Lim Hwee Hua, and other PAP candidates Eric Low and the newbies like Hri Kumar. It's like the seventh month getai you know. Throw in the bright lights, colourful backdrops and mamasans and viola - your getai for the future.

What was most dampening was the rain. But then you get to see the real turnout, those who are really keen to be engaged, those who want an alternative voice in Hougang.

Then the friendly waving of the hand to residents while on the PAP lorry. The clenching of the fist punched in the air. Good thing there was no lighting bolt striking the ground at rally sites to give god's approval.

Well, photos, you ask, will be available after the big day. Hopefully by then, election advertising be the hot topic no more.


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