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Thursday, May 04, 2006

[Hougang surprises]
Yesterday, Senior Minister Goh called a press conference and unveiled a 100 million-dollar plan for Hougang.

And two points that I have been pondering about were mentioned.

One, was the strategy of giving Eric Low a chance.

The plan I have been thinking about is to let residents give Eric Low a chance and vote him in. But most who are voting may be scared that the constituency would be absorbed. Anyway, Eric Low asked voters to give him a chance during the press conference yesterday.

And part two was delivered by SM Goh just now.

The Senior Minister promised that Hougang would remain as a Single Member Constituency.

And this indeed was what I though about. Keeping Hougang as a SMC will allow voters to vote the PAP without fearing that it would be absorbed into a GRC. So it is unlikely that we would see a similar case as in the absorbing of the Cheng San ward two elections ago.

So there you have the tow points that I have been thinking about.

It is all up to the voters now: choose what you want with your heart.

Has Eric Low done much to serve you? Are you touched by Low Thia Kiang's visit to every funeral in the ward? What are the chances this time? What margin will each candidate date get? But most important, who will the winner be?

All to be revealed on May 6.


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