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Monday, May 08, 2006

[A new beginning]
For the announcement of the results yesterday at the Serangoon Stadium, I didn't don my party colours. And boy, I was outstanding in a sea of white with my black Nike tee and Levis jeans.

Supporters from all over Singapore, from East Coast GRC to Tampines GRC, were at the stadium waiting for the announcement of the results. It was my first time taking part in this segment for the General Elections.

I digress.

When I was young, I used to recall the year when my constituency, the then Cheng San, was a hotspot. I used to think that the voices in lorries rallying for support were done "live". How naive I was then. Now I know, it is all pre-recorded and no, it didn't take me five years to find out.

One of the earliest PAP candidates that arrived at Serangoon Stadium was Minister Raymond Lim, representing the East Coast GRC. And minutes after his arrival, I decided to take a walk around the stadium.

Then came the arrival of the rest of the East Coast GRC team. When DPM Jayakumar arrived, the team assembled at the carpark area and had a short chat before going through the gate where photogs and journalists were standing by.

Moments later, the crowd cheered and euphoria was in the air.

A click. A flash. And then the group was surrounded by some 30 supporters. There was even a cheerleading team from Temasek Polytechnic to welcome them. Dressed in red tees, the team was armed with loudhailers and strutted their nifty dance moves in the heart of the stadium.

Nearer the right of the stadium was the Channel NewsAsia camera under a huge nondescript umbrella. Several red and white chairs were strewn beside the camera and seated on the chairs were reporters from CNA, Channel 8 and Suria who were armed with pens and notebooks. They sat there all ready to go on-air observing the hustings of Singapore's 10th General Elections.

Then slightly to this makeshift news studio were the supporters from Potong Pasir SMC waving their flags as the reporter speaks in front of the camera. A step back were the Hougang SMC supporters standing in front of a backdrop mosaic of PAP flags. And beside them were the team of supporters from Tampines GRC.

On the extreme left were the supporters of Aljunied GRC, one of the bigger groups, armed with banners, heart shaped cutouts (no white elephants as the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC supporters were not present), whistles, flags and interesting messages on placards. All complete with their big lungs and voices.


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