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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

[Online Government feedback forum]
Hearing the plans that the Government will review the way it manages new media such as the Internet and podcasts made me go 'wow'.

But then again, Singaporeans have spoken and that is how they have decided to be engaged.

Perhaps, an online feedback forum with specific out-of-bound markers laid out could be set up to hear the view of fellow Singaporeans to engage and talk about anything under the sun with room for freedom of expression.

Nearer the elections, this blog could be accommodated to allow views on the elections.

For one, Singaporeans unhappy with the Government can share their grouses or give constructive feedback. They can discuss housing issues, job and employment issues or even freedom of expression for the youth or the lack of it.

Senior Government officials could read these forums and reply to certain issues and share views on why such a thing was done such a way and not vice-versa. They can provide instant feedback and suggest ways to solve the problems that residents have.

In fact, some who have problems have already called me up to seek help on paying the fees for upgrading their flats.

While this may be a good way to reach out let's hope with the anonymity of the Internet will not be abused to post hurtful remarks and untruths about issues - no nude photos, hurtful comments - I've been through that.

So while the light-touch will be given as spelt out by Information, Communication and Arts Minister Lee Boon Yang, responsibility still plays an important part.


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