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Monday, June 12, 2006

[Genting rocks]
Just in case you are wondering, I have just returned to Singapore after a five-day fulfilling church camp at Awana golf resort in Genting.

And the first thing that I am doing after unpacking my stuff and distributing the goodies, I am catching up on Singapore news and current affairs.

I must say we Singaporeans are a fortunate bunch. I'm saying this after stepping on a blob of chewing gum on Malaysian road and it totally grossed me out. In Singapore, the government does what it can to make Singapore a clean and green city. It truly makes me appreciate what I have.

After reading Malaysia's The Star newspaper about the face-off between the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir and his successor Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, I must say Singapore politics are no kick here unless of course elections are round the corner.

We have no ugly arguments, no outstanding bills to point out and no dirty linen to wash in public on usual days. Cool.

In the last few days, the former Malaysian prime minister has been accusing the present one of abandoning plans like the scenic bridge and wants the current cabinet to explain how it reached certain decisions. And both men are waging a war of words,

Adding to the fire, the opposition party digs up the dirt on the current prime minister's outstanding parking fines! In case you didn't know, there were discounts given to the Malaysian PM for 12 of his parking fines.

On the other hand in Singapore, if you try to defame the Government, you get your pants sued off your a**.

Anyway, I'll go back to reading my newspapers. It has been a tiring journey back home.


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