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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

[Happening May]
The month of May - some interesting discoveries and highlights and some important lessons learned.

Of course, the highlight was probably seeing the swearing-in of the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

Although we weren't in the state room where the VIPs were, it was an event not to be missed.

Next up, it is time to prepare for dragonboating in July.

And also the National Day Rally which would be held around August as well as the many National Day Dinners and functions (now I know why I can't seem to lose all that fat).

For the first time, I felt tensed visiting the Istana. Firsty, it was a different setting altogether - no tentage, the event was held at night and I was there alone - but not for long.

Having the event at night made it a more wonderful event and not having the tent allowed the guests there to see the Istana lawn in its entire magnificent glory.

For every step taken, you would see one important person - an MP, a dignatry but no MediaCorp starlets. Even Chief Defence Force (I wish I could take a closer look at the three gold stars on his shoulder board) was there together with his team of captains, majors and colonels all decked out in their smart uniforms.

The food was superb but more important was the interaction - food for me was secondary (Goodwood Park truly lived up to the standards).

It was a pleasant setting for interaction - you could almost talk to anyone, no-holds-barred. I did and went up to shake opposition MP Low Thia Khiang's hand - he was pretty sneaky and averted my eyes.

There was also the small chat with our Prime Minister and of course my 'boss' George Yeo.

And just like always, the President always arrives and leaves just as fast towards the end.

But of course, this time, he is accompanied by his wife and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and his wife. And straight after that, we stand at attention while the national anthem is being played before the event draws to a close.

One regret though. I didn't manage to satisfy my sweet tooth this time as I missed the dessert table of chocolate cakes and gula-Melaka. That said, I would probably be not so tensed the next time and will eat to my hearts content.


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