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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

[Oh not that green uniform again]
It's the time of the year when I should be having a holiday or maybe climbing Mount Kinabalu.

But here I am in Singapore, packing my bag for Seletar Camp. My uniform's out again and my boots are polished. And it is all because of one word. RESERVIST.

Plus, I got my TP test tomorrow lor. And still need to book in. Sian.

Today entry got a lot of singlish. Because hor, I am lazy to blog in Queen's English lor.

Today also Jasper birthday. So I blog the way he speaks.

Wah. 3 weeks of reservist leh. By then got something big to announce. Of course, it is always happy stuff.

See, I also got mood when blogging de but at least got mood still not swear like Xiaxue. She got mood only $%^& and @$(%$* and !#$%@#%$# until all the gina gina treat her like idol. I different. Not so vulgar.

And because hor today is fast and furious mood. Think fast, blog fast.

At least got people know my Engrish is good. I blog like that once a while still ok. And no one will ask me to exprain why I blog the way I blog.


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