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Friday, June 16, 2006

[Remaking Hougang]
Not the whole constituency but the Hougang Community Club.

Weeks ago, the whole exterior walls lay bare with cracks and ugly marks.

And since today was remaking Hougang day. I got some help from my colleague and we decked the walls with four newly designed banners with great copywriting text.

It was a tedious task. First, deciding where to put which banner. And then getting down to doing it proved to be daunting too. Banners were put up. Some were relocated and some taken down.

After some three hours in the sun after the rain, it is a striking piece of artwork. The final product is great for all to see. For now.

The most challenging wall because the banners were too big and were overlapping each other

Sporting courses - my portfolio and music too

And since I have regained my momentum after a long break, my desk is back to it's usual state again but not for long as I will be going for a long reservist stint soon.

My desk after two endless days of clearing


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